Artist Bio


James Paick is the founder and Creative Director at Scribble Pad Studios with over 15 years of design experience. Scribble Pad Studios under the direction of James Paick has been responsible for creating some of the most memorable designs and moments in entertainment design. James has developed many projects within the gaming, film, theme park, illustration, entertainment space and advertising fields. His clients range from Riot Games, Naughty Dog, EA, Sony, Respawn, Epic Games, Activision, NC Soft, Crystal Dynamics, Magic the Gathering and many many more.

James Paick is also heavily involved in education, educating the future of the entertainment industry for over 8 years now. Paick has taught at many design institutions such as Art Center College of Design, Otis, FIDM, Concept Design Academy, CGMA master academy and multiple workshops both in the U.S. and internationally.

James is currently working with his team of designers at Scribble Pad Studios on many unannounced projects, from new next-gen games, MMO’s, books, film, and more!

  • Pre-Vis Concept Art
  • Visual Development
  • Environment Design
  • Character Design
  • 3D Design
  • Key Art Illustration
  • Book Cover Illustration
  • Theme Park & Attraction Design
  • IP Development
  • Level Design